Ticket refunds

Instructions to obtain a ticket refund

As e-Rum2020 is going virtual & free, the organizing committee has decided to open a reimbursement procedure for all those who purchased the tickets before the decision to turn e-Rum2020 into a virtual conference.
 If you don’t want or don’t need us to refund, we promise we’ll use your contribution to improve the virtual event as best as we can 😉

Please note the following important issues:

  1. the refund request must be mandatorily sent following the instructions outlined below and BY JUNE 10, 2020 at the latest
  2. we’ll manage to pay all refunds by the end of July 2020
  3. we are able to fully refund the ticket price, but NOT the additional fees charged by EventBrite


Send an email to [email protected] including the following information:

  • number of the invoice(s) we had sent by email
  • total amount of the invoice(s)
  • addressee of the invoice (company or person mentioned in the invoice)
  • name of the bank account holder
  • bank name
  • SWIFT/BIC code
  • account number
  • IBAN code (if you have it)

Please also note that the subject of the e-mail MUST be: “eRum reimbursement request – (name of the invoice addressee)”