Yoga sessions

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Paola Panella

Paola Panella is a certified international yoga teacher.  

After living in Dublin for 6 years, where she embraced her studies of the thousand-year old discipline of Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, she had continued her formation and practice with various master teachers in a number of teacher trainings and workshops held all over the world.  

In Italy, she currently manages two yoga studios in Turin and organizes yoga retreats and trips in Italy and in Bali. 

Paola will teach yoga lessons each morning and each evening, just before the start and after the end of the conference. 

We will announce the timing soon.

Wednesday 17/06/20  
“Let the joints breathe“
“Release the tension of your back”

Thursday 18/06/20
“Elongate your spine“
“Mini-sequence for your back”

Friday 19/06/20
“Breathe and move”
“Twists after the desk”

Saturday 20/06/20
“Sun Salutation for all / How to start the day right”
“Stretch-strengthen-connect / Feel & enjoy your body”