Registration procedure

Free tickets for the conference and workshops can be ordered on EventBrite following the link below:

e-Rum 2020 is sold-out! Registrations are closed


Registration will be open from May 15th to June 14th. Additional information on how to access the event will be provided closer to the event date to all ticket holders. 

Keep in mind that the number of tickets is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list will be available and in case of cancellations we will invite people from the waiting list to register in the order of the list.

Cancellation policy

All tickets (conference, workshop and satellite events) are free of charge. In case of impossibility to attend the event after the registration, we kindly ask you to de-register through EventBrite: in this way you will give the opportunity to attend the event to someone who has been put in the waiting list.

Registration policy

The event is free of charge. We would like to thank all the volunteers and the sponsors who helped us making this possible!

If you are interested in supporting our organization and its activities to promote R you can also purchase a free ticket with an open donation: the funds raised through donations will be used to support the MilanoR association and the organisation of events like e-Rum2020 and their related activities.

If you belong to one of the following categories: keynote speaker; invited speaker; contributed speaker; workshop leader; sponsor; organizing committee member; program committee member; please register through the link with the dedicated ticket that we sent you by email. This will ensure that you are included in the appropriate mailing lists that the organizing committee will use for official communications, and to confirm your contribution if you are a speaker / workshop leader so that we can finalize the conference program.

Note that a previous registration to the cancelled physical meeting does NOT give access to the virtual event and a new ticket for the virtual event has to be ordered on Eventbrite. It is possible to request a refund for the in-person event conference fee. Click here for more information

Conference tickets

All tickets ordered on Eventbrite will allow you to receive the corresponding additional information to attend the event online.

Conference tickets holders will receive informations regarding:

  • participation to all conference sessions held on June 17th-19th
  • access to sponsors booths and networking sessions available during the conference
  • access to recruiting ressions during the conference

Workshop tickets holders will receive information regarding:

  • participation to the workshops of choice held on June 20th
  • access to sponsors booths and networking sessions available during the workshops

Please note that the workshop tickets allow access to one workshop per timeslot.


Recruiting sessions

Participation to the recruiting session is included in the conference ticket. To be contacted for taking part in recruiting sessions held by the Sponsors, please provide your contacts and CV via this google form in addition to registration on Eventbrite.

Satellite event tickets

Satellite event: hackathon

Participation to the hackathon is also free, but it requires a separate registration. You can register to the hackathon at this page.


  • Administrative questions: admin[at]
  • Program-related matters: programme[at]
  • Other questions: info[at]